I am the Principal Consultant – Steve Johnson. I have worked in the voluntary sector, man and boy for over 35 years managing
voluntary organisations from the very small to the quite large (£18.5million turnover and 450 staff).

For many years I was Chief Executive of DISC, now one of the leading charities in the North of England focusing on
social deprivation and exclusion. I built it up from a small venture with 4 employees to a large multi-disciplinary
organisation with over 450 staff.

As the organisation expanded I returned to University and gained as Masters Degree in Business Enterprise Management
so that I could better deliver the task of managing a complicated organisation.

My work has covered a number of areas including employment and training, housing support, work with offenders,
young people at risk, working with people with complex problems, drug and alcohol recovery services, learning disability projects and community based support services.

Having stepped down as Chief Executive of DISC 4 years ago, I have developed my own consultancy service, providing business development and fund finding support,
mainly to voluntary organisations and social enterprises. I work mostly on my own but also with associates when I need access to additional specialist knowledge and skills.

When not working, I share myself between my wife and children, pets, swimming (to keep fit) and allotment (to stay sane). Oh and I like strong Spanish red wines, but
only at weekends.