Retained Business Development Manager

Very many not for profits and charities now employ Business Development Officers to identify funding opportunities and write funding applications. This puts smaller organisations at a disadvantage in a very competitive world. One of the ways we can support organisations is to act as a Retained Business Development Manager for a specified amount of time (typically a day per week). We usually sign up for 12 months but with 2 months notice on either side.

Using this approach enables us to:

  • Acquire and maintain a strong working knowledge and understanding of the organisation and use that knowledge to better consider all the potential opportunities which the organisation can pursue.
  • Research grant making trusts and potential tender opportunities which have the best fit with the aspirations of the organisation.
  • Compile, write and edit all grant applications and tenders to present a compelling proposition to funders with well crafted content which fits with the funders’ preferences and guidelines.
  • Review the budgets and projections for a grant or tender being applied for and recommend how it might best be presented to funders.
  • Respond to queries made by funders as part of the grant giving or tendering process.

In other words, we can be the Business Development Manager you can’t afford, travelling on the same journey as your organisation to maximize your funding